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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to post a message?
To post a message you'll need to pay whatever the next highest amount is to get your message to the top. If you'd like to just take the top spot for a specific currency then you can do that for the respective currency, but you won't take the top spot on Topofthecoins unless you pay the relevant amount.
How are payments handled?
All payments are taken securely using Coinbase Commerce.
Can I advertise on Topofthecoins.com?
Just take the top spot ;-) If you're interested in some type of partnership then please send us an email.
What are the rules?
Stupid, trolling, funny, weird, promotional, whatever, messages are fine (welcomed). The only rule is that you don't post anything that is obviously malicious and intended to offend (please), and strictly no scams.
Can I post about an ICO or marketing for a crypto?
Yes you can, but if we find your post to be a scam or malicious then it will be removed.
Can I have a refund?
No refunds, sorry.
Why didn't I see my message in the top spot?
We're in high demand. It's possible that someone posted seconds after you and knocked you straight from the top. Try knocking them back off!

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